About Us

southern_distinction_photo_6xvuHead to Toe Research & Wellness, LLC is a healthcare company that focuses on keeping people healthy through wellness programs and providing opportunities for access to innovative medical therapies through clinical research.

Founded in 2007 by Larry Aull, Pharm.D., the company has conducted research in diabetes, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, osteoarthritis, and heart disease.

Larry’s focus wasn’t always on keeping people healthy. “Early in my career, I worked in hospitals and liked the acute care setting. However, I eventually figured that I would rather keep people out of the hospital rather than treat them once they were in the hospital”. Having served as a pharmacist in various healthcare settings over 30 years, Larry is now following his passion of preventive healthcare and wellness as well as keeping on the cutting edge of new medical technology through research.

“As far as wellness goes, I think lifestyle plays such a huge role. If I could get people to exercise most days of the week, eat well most of the time, not smoke, not drink excessively, get vaccinated appropriately, get adequate sleep, and manage stress with a positive outlook, that’s 80% of the battle right there”.

For those people who already have certain illnesses, volunteering for research participation can provide some new insights into those conditions as well as new therapies.

At Head to Toe Research & Wellness, we strive to improve the health of our entire region by focusing on a single person’s health all the way from that individual’s head to his or her toes.