Help us bring new medicines to life!

The next time you get a prescription filled, you can thank many anonymous volunteers for making it possible to have that medicine on the pharmacy shelf. Most of us don’t think about the effort that goes into bringing a pharmaceutical product to market. Sure, the pharmaceutical company and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) play a major role, but so do research¬† volunteers.

It takes proof of safety and effectiveness for a drug to make it to market, and that proof is provided by real people like you who give their time and their blood and/or tissue samples. People have various motivations for joining a research study. Some of those commonly cited in surveys include:

  1. Receiving a better quality of care
  2. Receiving free medicines and labs
  3. Helping others in the future while possibly helping themselves
  4. Having been referred to the research by their personal physician
  5. Learning more about their condition

There is no guarantee that being in a research study will directly benefit you. But take a look at what we are researching and feel free to give us a call for more information. We emphasize the “care” in healthcare.